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2021-11-12 09:22
https://davecode.me/q+a/211112062853 where can i send you some chocolate?
2021-11-12 06:28
what is your favorite food?
chocolate. send me some please.
2021-11-11 23:08
https://davecode.me/q+a/211110041641 Oh. I didn't mean that, I meant something like "working on the content side stuff" or "working on probably software" something
i write them down on the computer, see other questions for some details on this process. but the key is you have to make your songs your own, which unfortunatly i cannot help with much.
2021-11-11 23:07
https://davecode.me/q+a/211110041747 Cool! What songs should I listen to for inspiration?
i really don't know anything for this. i'm too stuck up in my own creativity to remember any other things, but i know bill wurtz was a huge inspiration to me. also yes but they are quite old.
2021-11-11 11:48
are you american
i am but i might actually choose to identify as something else
2021-11-11 07:05
What would you do if you became president of the US, or whatever country you live in?
2021-11-11 05:10
opinion on svelte?
2021-11-10 06:50
Are you aware that if you use two numbers for years in dates, by the year 2100, everything will go wrong?
i log my files with the 21 prefix. if you're looking at questions, ill just add a 1 once it goes past 2016.
2021-11-10 06:45
how would you feel if someone started playing ace attorney because of your game?
i think that would be pretty hilarious.
2021-11-10 04:25
Hey dave how do u write ur songs
with my mind.
2021-11-10 04:17
any songwriting tips? thabk
you start with a core idea, then develop a really god damn catchy melody+lyrical bits. Look at the mayday song's chorus for example, it's a really memorable melody, with some very meaningful stuff packed in them.
if youre unsure on what core idea is, take a walk outside a bit.
2021-11-10 04:17
What do you do for permalinks with questions that are asked on the microscopically same millisecond?
adjust them to be one full second later
2021-11-10 04:16
Ayyyyyy, I heard your game got 2nd
place in the Ludwig Jam! Congratulations, man.
Now, here's the question: Could you add a page to show what you are currently doing with the website/davecode project?
I already did.
Can't wait for new videos, thank you! BZY BZY BZY-
2021-11-09 09:20
dave caruso whats your country
2021-11-09 09:08
Why are we here just to suffer?
2021-11-09 09:05
congrats on 2nd place in lud jam
this is not a question
2021-11-08 05:30
do u use pure js to make this site
2021-11-07 23:25
What do you f*cking hate?
2021-11-07 19:12
am i bored?
2021-11-07 00:10
https://davecode.me/q+a/211103002938 oh no are you actually getting relationships from your content
2021-11-06 17:16
are u orangnsfw1
2021-11-05 05:36
an extension from the a dance of fire and ice / rhythm doctor permission email: can i use music bits and fragments like "weird beat" and "another god damn list bgm"?
yes but link to davecode.me for those, but i'd be curious what time machine model you have since that page doesn't exist at the moment.
2021-11-04 08:31
have all the vault codes been set up already?
2021-11-03 09:14
okay, if elemental 4 isn't coming back, what about elemental lite?
at some point ill get my static games back on the server somewhere. probably when the "games" page goes up i'll get that all working.
2021-11-03 02:48
what brand/type of chocolate do you mostly consume?
they are all good