Learning Svelete - Day 5 - [click to go back]

today i decided to add MDsveX to my project. it works pretty well, but it doesn’t yet have a good vscode plugin, so i may not actually use these much. we’ll see.

alongside that, i worked on the website’s data structures. instead of just using typescript interfaces they are classes with a handful of useful methods that can be used builder-style, or by casting an Artifact to a subclass, you can access it’s properties via autocomplete. Some structures have helper methods, such as the VaultKey structure having a validation method on it.

Here’s the full list of structures, and for your enjoyment, they are all available in the browser console for you to play with.

you can cast a JSON object to a structure by running the static fromJSON on it, you can also use an object as a builder by creating a blank instance of it, chaining the set* methods, then converting it to JSON with to toJSON method.

i would give access to the database that stores all of the data, but i’ll be honest and say there isn’t anything inside of it besides the 5 music entries. i have to go through my content archive to find all the stuff i want to publish, and index it in this new format.

the next steps are going to be getting a nicer “blog” theme setup (i think i’m going to want to do more write up stuff in the future, and i really like this format of doing so), and then also getting the rest of the pages all set up properly. maybe we’ll see a true home page in the coming week? idk!

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