Learning Svelete - Day 2 - [click to go back]

day two:

lemme explain myself a tiny bit. this domain was bought yesterday, 3 years ago, and nothing was really on it. that felt wrong. i needed to put something on it, but developing in react was not the easiest thing in the world.

on the side, i've been rewriting the creative toolkit ui in svelte and it's been amazing. truly wonderful. so i'm gonna rewrite this site in it since it barely existed anyways.

so for today not much fancy stuff. i'm gonna try setting up this site behind the scenes, so for example you can still access day one if you missed it. in addition to that you can see a list of all the days here

maybe i'll also write more. that could be fun.

i'll leave you with one extra thing: a showcase of one of my favorite npm modules: expr-eval.

© dave caruso 2021. all rights reserved.

© dave caruso 2021. all rights reserved.