dave caruso

I'm a hobbyist computer user, experimenting in creating content. I used to focus on software development, but have started turning towards video and music production. I never want to have something "limit" me, and that has led me leveraging my programming skills to make creating audiovisual stuff easier.

Since I haven't finished making things, this site is always in an unfinished state. The me from years ago also didn't write down what he did, so recovering old content is always a current goal. That means things from months and even years ago will be added to the site.

As of December 2020, I am starting development of a small collection of my own tools to aid video production, one of which being a "video editor" for lack of a better term. Rapid video publishing should begin by mid to late 2021. Stay tuned.



more places to find me

if there is a profile of me that isn't mentioned, it probably isn't real. tell me about it via email so i can add it.

  • github - open source software.https://github.com/davecaruso
  • discord - discussion and some behind the sceneshttps://discord.gg/4AbvSXV
  • twitch - live streamed behind the scene.https://twitch.tv/davecaruso
  • youtube - alternative video location.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVygHsDWRi3uw1bATn8A46A
  • patreon - optional donation zonehttps://patreon.com/davecaruso
  • npm - published javascript software.https://www.npmjs.com/~davecaruso
  • my email - if you're into that.[email protected]
  • earth - come visit.
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